Saturday, February 02, 2008

Guess who wears 2 Belles earrings?

None other than Rachel Ray, of course!

A couple months ago, we sent a necklace and earring set in with a gift package to the Rachel Ray Show. It was coordinated by someone on I never thought she'd actually GET the jewelry, much less wear it on national tv!

But low and behold, last night I was watching her show that I faithfully DVR, and whatddya know, she was wearing earrings made by my mom! I am a couple weeks behind in watching her. She wore them on 1/16. They're sterling silver sidewinders (similar to these but hammered and with a black stone on the end). It looks like they were put on leverback ear wires.

I'm sure she has no idea who made them. I imagine they were just set out with her wardrobe. But it's still pretty cool, no? I tried to take a picture of the show paused, but for as big and nice as our new tv is, it just isn't photogenic.

But I found a video clip of that day's show on her site. You can view it (and the lovely earrings) here:

I've always been a Rachel Ray fan, but now I like her even more! *grin* Maybe someday I'll catch her wearing the necklace we sent. All y'all Rachel fans, keep an eye out, will ya?

And if you want to be cool and hip like Rachel and wear the latest in jewelry fashions, just let us know. Mom can set you up with a pair of earrings just like hers. *grin*


Jessica Morris said...

soooooo cool! seriously - that is just SO very, very cool! I am so impressed!
You must have been so thrilled when you noticed them!! :)

haha *holding in rude comment* um, ya, that made me giggle. :)

Jessica Morris said...

and that video is great - I love how the dude keeps scooting closer to her on the bench!!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Yay, you're famous! That is so cool, I would have been so excited!

Anonymous said...

COOL! That is so rad, you and your mom must have been so excited. YAY!

Catherine said...


Bethany said...

HOW AWESOME!!!! Your Belle earrings are famous now!

Erin said...

That is pretty awesome! Now I can say..."I know a girl who made earrings that Racheal Ray wore!" You are practically famous!

Kellie said...

Oh it's VERY cool and so exciting! And so pretty...both the earrings and the necklace...will be watching for it to show up next!

The Rock Chick said...

That is amazingly cool!!! The hubby and I always watch her 30 Minute Meals on FoodTV. I really like that show. I've never seen her talk show, though.