Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My house... is haunted!

Not really. The truth is, it's dangerous to use a camera that you have not fully learned. I thought I had a pretty good grip on my DSLR's capabilities until on Valentine's Day, when I attempted to take photos of the flowers my husband gave me. I usually shoot my jewelry in a light box with two daylight lamps with the camera on either manual (auto focus) or a-dep, no flash. I forgot to change the settings when I tried to take a picture of the flowers.

Bloggy buds, I thought I broke my camera. I was SO MAD at myself for breaking the darn thing that I hadn't even had for six months! I pushed the shutter button, the shutter clicked open and it just STOPPED. It ceased to do anything. The screen was black, the shutter didn't close, and I started freaking. I looked all around the camera, pushing buttons, willing it to come back on. Just when I was about to sit down and cry, *CLICK*! The shutter closed.

Duh, Crystal, DUH. Low light + a-dep/no flash = AUTOMATIC SLOW SHUTTER SPEED. The camera did not break. It was just doing exactly what I told it to do. So, bloggy buds, learn your new cameras. Remember to change the settings according to the situation.

Or else THIS is what you will get:

My husband and I had great fun figuring out what all the "ghosts" are in that photo. They are various things on the counter and bar that got picked up as I moved the camera all around, trying to figure out what went wrong. But maybe I'll send it into Ghost Hunters anyway...


Jessica Morris said...

That's funny! :)
I tried to recognize objects in the picture too... are you in the picture?? It looks like a human.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That is funny. Similar things have happened to me before, except I usually realize right away about the shutter speed. I actually think it makes neat pictures.

Anonymous said...

You can get Jack Link's buffalo jerky at Walmart. (This is Harvie)

The Rock Chick said...

Oh does look haunted! Send it in to the Ghost Hunters and let me know what they say! In high school I had a freind whose father used to chase ghosts out of houses for extra money. Seriously. He had some special camera that he used to take pictures of them.....I'm a little suspicious now that he might have scammed a lot of people! LOL