Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ear Bling

See? Now you thought I was going to blog about earrings, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU!? Well, I fooled you.

This ear bling came from my doctor. She plunged three little stud thingies into each of my ears as part of an acupuncture treatment last Tuesday. Totally bizarre (and painful). They're just temporary and fall out on their own. Two came out in the first 48 hrs. The remaining four were still there yesterday when I went for another treatment (and my last treatment at least until September because she's taking two months off before she moves to a new location). She replaced the two that came out, and stuck the usual 13 needles in me. Every night before bed, I have to touch the end of the little plunger (which has a magnet) to the little stud thingies to "reactivate" them.

I wish I could say that the acupuncture is really helping me, but so far it's not. *sigh* It does take longer, I'm told, but I'll probably have to start from scratch in September if I try it again.

Anyway, in case you want to see these freaky things, here is my new ear bling. If only they were copper or sterling. Then they'd match my real ear bling.

(Please ignore my zits, not-so-lovely profile, and larger-than-life ears. But feel free to stare at my messy red hair. Thank you.)

(Click to enlarge.)

By the way, do any of you know how difficult it is to take a photo of your own EAR with a huge camera?


Shannon said...

The pics made me shudder ;) Your earrings are gorgeous though!

Crystal said...

Hah, it really wasn't that bad. It hurt for a second and that's it. I forget they're there now except for an occasional itch (which is what caused the first two to fall out - and one replacement to fall out last night in my sleep - oops).

Crystal said...

Oh, and I made the little beads in the earrings. :D They're clay! YAY! ;o)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I like that bead too.

I'm glad you posted the picture, because I had no idea what you were talking about otherwise. If I had seen someone with those in their ears, I would have assumed they were some piercing.

The Rock Chick said...

I can't say I've ever tried to take a pic of my ear. I imagine it would be hard. You have to use a mirror like my kids do for all their MySpace pics.

I love the ear bling! Fabulous designs as always :) Do you notice anything different since you started the acupunture?

Nicole said...


I would freak out knowing little pin-like things were stuck in my ear and could fall out at anytime. If I am going to have something in my ear it is going to be an earring!

Bethany said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch!! On the up side, it does look like some edgy new piercing. Enjoy looking a little rebellious while it lasts. :-D

Patrizia said...


I hope it starts working for you soon!

Walk in the Woods said...

Yep ... I've experienced similar therapy where seeds are used,

Pretty, eh?

And those earrings are lovely!