Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sometimes I feel like a nut...

... and sometimes I just feel like an idiot.

Today was Father's Day, and of course being the good little daughter that I have always been (STOP LAUGHING) I braved the outdoors (with my husband) (in my new car - more on that later) to buy my daddy a gift.

My dad likes fishing and he likes reading. I'm sure there are other things he enjoys, but these seem to be two of his favorite things, because he has expressed extreme gratitude at the bookstore and fishing store gift cards we have given him in the past. I'm sure he's figured out by now that this is probably what he will be getting forever. Or at least until he is no longer able to fish and read. I'm sure he's thrilled about this (the gift card thing, not the not being able to fish and read anymore thing... as if you needed that particular clarification). I'm sure he's reading this now saying, "Yes!" and doing the Still A Cool Dad Even Though I'm Old arm thing that always accompanies an enthusiastic "Yes!". You know the one. Don't make me show you.

He got a bookstore card for his recent birthday, so it was the fishing store's turn. We drove out to the store, purchased the card (and a cute little microfiber lens cleaning cloth for my glasses because I have one that I love and I want a second one for my purse) and left, heading to Home Depot - hehehe! - (sorry, if you're not Dustin you won't get that, and that's ok... just walk to the nearest corner, curl up into a ball and scream "WHY!???!" for a while and you'll feel all better. I promise.) to get a scraper thing to remove the massive quantities of glue on my floor (again, more on that later), some knee pads, and a box cutter.

We went to a couple more places to get the rest of his gift (framed close-ups of his grand-fur-kids... yes, we are a weird family) and a card. And chocolate. Because we almost never leave the house without buying chocolate. People only love me when I have chocolate in my house. And I sort of have the bad habit of eating it all myself (and yet somehow, I still don't gain weight - though I DO have two root canals... go figure...).

We came home and I started to straighten up. I broke the vacuum cleaner vacuuming up nails and concrete bits and large amounts of dust (one more time... more on that later). Dustin fixed it. He's awesome (just ask him - he'll tell you so). Knowing my parents were due to come over for dinner in 20 minutes, I decided it was high time to prepare dad's gift.

I framed the photos. I signed the card. I would have put the gift card into the greeting card, only it was nowhere to be found. When we came inside, I put all the bags on the kitchen table. Fishing store bag was not there. I checked high and low. Not in the car. Not in the trash. Not in the big trashcan outside inside the nasty kitchen trash bag I just thew out. Not ANYwhere.

I panicked (I mean, 'spensive gift card, you know?) then called the fishing store to ask them if maybe we left it there on the counter. It was not there, but since I had been given the receipt separately and stuck it in my purse, they were able to retrieve the info for the card and cancel it in case it was lost and/or stolen. They activated a new one for us and had it waiting in their safe, ready for us to pick up at anytime. Nice fishing store. I'll shop there again. (Dad: "Yes!")

By this time, my parents arrived and I gave what was left of the gift to my dad. Unwrapped. Because not only did I lose his main gift, I also forgot to buy a bag to put it in.

Food was ordered. Dad and Dustin left to go pick it up (and the gift card). Less than 5 minutes after they left, Dustin called me.

The gift card was in the glove box.

Oh well. At least the close-ups of the grand-fur-kids were a hit.

Almond Joy, anyone?


Dustin said...

You mean there are people out there who don't already know that I'm awesome? I feel bad for them...

Nicole said...

Haha Dustin's comment made me giggle.

Sounds like a very interesting day! I hate it when I lose something just to find it in a stupid place like the glove compartment in the car. We went to see a movie using tickets we had. I had them in my hand in the car, but when we were getting ready to get out of the car to go see a movie I could not find the stupid movie tickets. After 10 minutes of searching I found them in the car door. By the time we got in to see the movie the line was huge, the movie was starting soon and I was annoyed with myself for losing those darn tickets that I had in my hands... so we walked out of the theater, went back into the car and went home. Not a fun movie experience :P

Overwhelmed! said...

Yep, that sounds like something that would happen to me (and has, now that I think of it)!

I was frantically putting together my husband's Father's Day gift that very day, while he was napping. I'm a bit of a procrastinator!

Chris the Crazy Conservative said...

YES!!!!! (Doing the "Still A Cool Dad Even Though I'm Old arm thing").

Thanks Daughter!