Saturday, June 21, 2008

*Flutter, flutter* II

I'm sure some of you remember the butterfly necklace I entered into a contest early this year. I love butterflies. There's just something special about them. Maybe it's that they start life so ugly and end it so fantastically beautiful. Whatever it is, they always catch my eye.

The little guy I entered into the contest was very very much out of my box. I don't really do resin work. I just decided to give it a go because I had to work within a color palate and thought it would be an interesting way to get the bold colors needed. If you haven't noticed, I'm more of a minimalist metal maven, myself... with maybe a mite of multicolor morsels mixed in once in a blue moon. (Sorry. That was bad. Even I want to slap myself.)

So, enter little butterfly guy II. He's hand cut from solid copper with a sterling silver accent on a sterling silver chain. He's more my style. In fact, I sort of love him. I want to keep him and hold him and hug him and stare at him until the cows come home (and I don't have any cows, so this could take a while). But, I can't hold a flutterbye captive. He needs to flutter and flitter and fly. He also needs some little flutterbye earring buddies, which will arrive shortly.

Hopefully he and his little friends will all flutter and flitter and fly away to a new home really soon.
*grin* Until then... enjoy!


Jessica Morris said...

Super classy! I think this looks really nice.
I think if you made earrings in the same shape as just the center of its body it would coordinate really well, as opposed to matching butterfly earrings.
That's what I thought when I looked at the picture... envisioned earrings looking like the silver (?) part.
And since I was too late to get a thank you for the feedback about the last jewelery I thought I better post my thoughts now ... not that you asked for them this time around ;)
I'm always one step behind.

Stacy said...

Beautiful butterfly!

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I was wondering if the adoption would limit your choice until its finalized.


This is adorable :0)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That is wonderful! Great use for the copper!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

That butterfly is gorgeous!

JeanieNOT DANA said...

Ooooh, he's pretttty!

abelle | Only in Silence said...

Just bloghopping! ;o)

Lindsay said...

I really like the butterflies. They are simple and pretty, nothing over the top. I am a minimalist when it comes to color, too. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I like the delicate look of the butterflies.

HoundsGood said...

Very cool! I like the streamlined look.

erinberry said...

This necklace is really beautiful!