Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

My husband bought me the most expensive birthday gift I've ever received... a car! Of course, we have been planning on replacing my old one for a while, and it's really just a coincidence that we bought it the day after my birthday, but I'm calling it my birthday gift anyway. It sort of makes it more fun, you know?

This is what I was driving:

This is my new ride:

Maaaajor improvement, no?! It's a 2002 Mazda Tribute. A little baby SUV. Now, I never ever ever thought I'd ever own an SUV. I'm not a fan of the SUVs. But, we really wanted something bigger for our (hopefully soon to be) growing family, and also something that is more comfy for my very tall husband with a very bad back. We considered several options, and this thing gets pretty much the same mileage as the sedans we were looking at, but it has the plus side of being more roomy.

And it can tow things. What? I don't know... but I'm sure I'll find something.

And it has a 6-CD changer thingy. I'm more of a radio-in-the-car type person, myself. I mean, half of my friends are DJs (including hubby dear, though he gave it up for a bit and hasn't yet returned). But it has a cool gadget, and that's just, well, cool. We looked at some vehicle that had OnStar. Didn't buy it. That's ok, I don't normally get lost going to Lowes.

It's definitely a huge change. I've never driven anything but tiny cars, so I'm having to almost totally re-learn how to drive.
This little Mazda has all that "zoom zoom" that the commercials brag about. It's a peppy little thing. It was taken care of really well by its one previous owner who put low mileage on it.

Happy birthday, dear meeeeee... happy birthday to me!

Now I just need to learn to park it. Until then, I'd advise you to stay away from The Targets. The Wal-marts are safe. We don't go there. But if you park at The Targets? You better beware.


Anonymous said...

YAY! Happy Birthday Crystal...have fun driving your awesome new ride =)

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your new car. I didn't enjoy my little car once we had a baby; carseats make it hard for tall people to drive comfortably! Your hubby will probably love having more room.

Nicole said...



You should buy a boat and a tent trailer. And then swing on by our place and we can go camping (in luxury) and fishing! Okey dokey? ;o)

Happy Birthday Crystal. Sorry I didn't get to say that on your actual birthday though. But the thought still counts... right?

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Yay! i love those zoom zoom zoom commercials:)

Dustin said...

*Whispers* zoom zoom!


Jessica Morris said...

I am so glad you posted this :) After the last post I was super curious what your new car was!! Very nice! I like it!

The Rock Chick said...

Oh it's beautiful!!!! What a nice birthday present! A friend of mine has a Mazda Tribute and just adores it. ZOOM! ZOOM!

I never thought I'd drive a minivan. Not that I had much of a choice because it's a little hard to put 4 car seats in anything else, but you know, now I love my van. I don't think I'd ever want a regular car again. I can get so much stuff in there!


Erin said...

Very Nice!! Happy Birthday!!!
Now for a car seat in the back! =)

Nicole said...

Little dogs are great! My lap can hold both dogs and a cat ;o) That is where my pets usually are all winter long.

When we got Ellie and she weighed a pound her favorite spot was sleeping on my shoulder at night. Now she likes to curl up in my armpit haha!

Overwhelmed! said...

Happy Birthday, Crystal, and congrats on the new car!

Aren't you a bit worried about the gas mileage on that though, given the outrageous gas prices these days?

The additional space will sure be nice though!

Cyn said...

Before I scrolled down I thought "She is NOT even going to tell me that red thing is her new car." Happy belated birthday.

Bethany said...

AWESOME!! What a great "birthday" present!!!