Saturday, June 14, 2008

So am I really that popular?

I was reading a thread on a forum the other night about "unpopular opinions". It was one of those fun rant threads, where people post their unpopular opinions like "Clay Aiken is creepy".

After reading through several pages, it dawned on me that if all these things are unpopular (minus the Clay Aiken one because, let's face it, dude is a little creepy) then I must be really popular.

Let's see... um...

*I don't hate children.
*I refuse to sit on a public toilet seat.
*I believe in God (and am therefore brainwashed).
*I'm not a McCain fan (but I'm not an Obama fan either, so I guess that makes me Not Quite a Cheerleader but Not Quite a Band Geek Either).
*I'm cool with homeschooling if done right.
*I like tea.
*I like cable and my big tv.
*I am a dog person.
*I rarely shop at Wal-mart.
*I don't think it's creepy that Brangelina have biological children as well as adopt children (though I'm not a fan of them - Brangelina, I mean. I'm cool with adopted children. Obviously.).

These things put me on the A-List apparently.

Me? Popular? Who knew?

I'm guessing I'm not totally on top though, because here are my unpopular opinions.

*I think Crocs are hideous and people should be ashamed to wear them in public.
*I find reality tv both ridiculous and frightfully boring.
*I think our society as a whole is both under-educated and over-medicated (and the two go hand in hand).
*Oprah freaks me the heck out. Her "spirituality" and the way women seem to flip over her truly frightens me.
*The Sabbath is not nor will ever be on Sunday, and our modern day church is way too watered down and so far from what it should be that I fail to see the point to much of it.
*Gwen Stefani sucks.
*I don't "get" vintage.
*I will not spank my children (but don't worry... you won't find us misbehaving at The Wal-marts!).
*Beer is nasty.

Wait. Who's popular? I'm not so sure it's me after all. *giggle*


Heidi @ GGIP said...

I agree about beer and oprah, although I do have a pair of crocs. They are funny looking, but also very comfy and easy to slip on and wear in mud when playing with children.


I guess we all probably have our mix of popular and unpopular opinions.

Dustin said...

It is MY opinion...

...We interrupt this comment for a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

...and all that other stuff too! So there, I guess I said it. :-P

The Rock Chick said...

oh my, every time I see Crocs, I literally cringe! If the shoes aren't bad enough alone, someone got the great idea to make them even worse by putting all those little pins on them! You are right. They are hideous!!!

I've never been an Oprah fan either. Don't get it.

But, Gwen Stefani??? Really? I like her a lot!! I never spanked my kids and I could take all four of the to a store without them screaming and throwing tantrums. The Wal-Marts or anywhere :)

Jeanie said...

Oh, who are you kidding, Crys? You and I were just out two nights ago for beer...

Cyn said...

Hope none of the freaks who read my blog (present company excepted if you read my blog)read yours or you will get blasted for your opinions, whether popular or unpopular. Takes a thick skin I guess. (-:

P.S. Rock Chick, they are called Jibbitz. (-: