Saturday, June 07, 2008

Got Worms?

We do.

Not in us (that we know of), and not our dogs, thank goodness (though we've been down that road before)... but in the garden.

Not good, friendly worms either. These worms are hungry and they like my veggies. I've been finding little holes in a few of my green beans.

Bad worm. No cookie!

Today I found a large hole in a pepper. So I picked it (just one - not a peck - and I did not pickle it) and cracked it open. This is what I found.

Anyone know what it is (other than in biiiig trouble)?


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Looks like some freaky catterpillar. I'm sorry your garden is getting eaten!

Not Hannah said...

*Shudder* Nasty Ooky Brown Thingy?

Came here via a google search for the little green worms messing with my green beans. Will poke around later.