Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Wee for the Handy Soul

If you use Gmail, you're probably all too familiar with those "web clip" advertisement links that appear in that little line above your emails. Now usually they seem to pick up keywords from the emails themselves. Targeted advertisements? I don't know.

The other night though, I saw this headline:

"Boxer soothes fists with son's wet diapers"

I quickly became confused. Very confused. And disturbed. Bewildered, even. I must have read the line eight times before finally succumbing to the pressure and clicking on the link. I could not wrap my mind around what this could possibly mean. My first thought (now this was at 3am, mind you, and after a week of little sleep at that) was something like:

"Boxers? Why would a kid in diapers wear boxers?"

My next thought was along the lines of:

"Boxers? Why would a dog have a fist and wrap it in a diaper?"

I've never claimed to have rational thoughts, you know, and certainly not at three in the morning. So I read it. Let me be the first to tell you that it's all kinds of wrong. Never in a million years would the idea of a Ukrainian boxer using his son's bodily fluids to promote healing have crossed my mind.

What's even more wrong, however, is why Google decided to flash it in my Gmail. It's not like I spend my days writing emails on baby wee and soaked diapers. Or boxers. Or dogs, even. I'm thinking that the whole targeted marketing thing is failing a bit.

Or is it? I mean, I did click. The concept of soaking my hands in urine no matter how sore they may be, however, does not.

I think I'm finally proud to be an American again. Land of the no-hand-soaking-in-pee; home of the brave. Just not that brave.


BeckeyZ said...

My grandmother used to talk of using "used" cloth diapers to help the complexion "back-when." Now, I dont' know if SHE actually did it....but I guess it was done by someone.

Talk about bizarro.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Not exactly the same, but I have had some pretty weird junk emails lately. That is a weird story!

The Rock Chick said...

Do you ever watch that Man vs. Wild show? That guy does all kinds of stuff with pee. I was cringing once because I really didn't think it was something you could drink even in an emergency, but I looked it up online and there are sites that say it has antibiotic and healing properties. I'm still sticking with Neosporin myself.

Nicole said...

Weird link...

There was a news report the other day talking about how human urine can heal all sorts of ailments. And then they talked about how nasty that sounds! Blech!

Jeanie said...

We could make a fortune selling Adam's wet cloth diapers to Don King!

Jen said...

Wow that is weird... lol
But then again I was watching tv and some guy was talking about urine being good for you and such and this woman drunk her own urine... >_>

Dustin said...

See...all this nonsense about hand-washing after using the toilet? HOGWASH! You're RUINING your SKIN!

Or not.

I wonder if Mr. Pee-body boxer washes his hands before a fight...