Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well Helloooo, Mr. Random

It's 4am on a week night. My husband is already gone to work for the day. I'm having one of my normal bouts of insomnia and am putting together an order online for some jewelry supplies.

My cellphone rings. I pick it up, slightly panicking, thinking it's the man and something bad happened. The caller ID says "private". I answer anyway, thinking there's a possibility it could be the man calling from some other line to tell me something bad happened.

"Are you awake?"

*confused silence*

"I'm sorry?"
"Did I wake you up?"
"I think you have the wrong number."

*confused silence*

"Is this (fill in last 4 numbers here)?"

*confused silence*

"So, yeah, I think you have the wrong number."
"Is this a (fill in city name here) number?"

*confused silence followed by my impatient silence*

"You've really... you really confused me just now."
"I'm sorry."
"So did I wake you up?"

*annoyed blood pressure rising*

"You were awake already?"
"Huh. So, you wanna chat for a while? I'm bored outta my mind."
"Well, I'm kind of busy, so..."

*louder and more firmly* "I'm kind of busy, so..."

*confused silence*

"Yeah, well, I hope you find who you are looking for. Have a good night."


I call my husband to tell him about this bizarre call, slightly freaked since I'm home alone. I double check all the locks on the doors and turn up the volume on my ears to make sure I hear anything out of place. Hubby reassures me it was nothing to worry about and gets back to work.

Ten minutes later, my cellphone rings. I jump out of my skin and right before having a heart attack, I see that it is only hubby calling.

Apparently Mr. Random has not found who he is looking for, because someone J-Diddy works with has just received the same phone call. Her number just so happens to be one digit different than mine.

People, please don't do drugs. Please.

And please don't chat with Mr. Random when he calls you at 4am. Bored as he may be, I don't think he needs that type of encouragement.


Nicole said...

Uhhhhh, that would freak me out too. Especially at 4am. Yeesh!

Drugs... they are a bad bad thing...

The Rock Chick said...

What is WRONG with people?

Heidi @ GGIP said...


Stacy said...

Oy! Makes me think of the conversation I wish I hadn't overheard while walking out of the library yesterday.

Jen said...

Creepy! Especially so early in the morning...geez

Crystal said...

I'm intrigued, Stacy. Do tell! Unless you already blogged about it. Then I'll feel like a jerk for not reading it yet. I'm so not caught up on bloggy buds lately. Bad Crystal, bad!!

You guys, I got off lucky with Mr. Random. Apparently he really freaked out Dustin's co-worker by telling her that he was watching her.

I SURELY would have DIED of freak-out-ishness if he did that to me!!

Jessica Morris said...

You've got some odd phone buddies :) I'll be sure to stay on your good side so you don't hand out my number ;)

Nicole said...

I had a guy phone me before when I still lived at home. He told me he knew who I was and saw me all the time at the bus stop after work. After that my dad picked me up after work. It sucked cuz I liked to either take the bus or walk home and that freaky dude ruined everything.

Jeanie said...

A friend from church used to get collect calls from a prison inmate. She accepted the first call because she really didn't know what was going on (prank or not)...and said the guy was kind of nice but, um, strange.

After that she just didn't accept the calls. She got kind of spooked.

Dustin said...


Don't I get a say in my nicknames?