Friday, October 03, 2008

They've got me pegged

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And you make it as entertaining as possible.
You may be guilty of over-sharing a bit on your blog, but you can't help it.
Your life is truly an open book. Or in this case, an open blog!

Thanks to Jessica the Rock Chick (who will always be an A-List Blogger in my book!) for the post idea.

Indeed, I'm pretty much an open book... and like it says, perhaps sometimes a little too open. But you know, I've gained a lot in my transparency and I think some of you have too, so it's all worth it.

Because, I mean, who wouldn't learn a valuable life lesson while reading the locked-in-bathroom incident or the tale of the mole hole? These are quality reads, people! And I know that blogging about the infertility has played a part in my healing. Really, this blog and a couple of people who shall remain nameless (you know who you are) have been instrumental in my survival these past couple of years. I hope that this particular chapter of our book somehow helps out someone else as well.

When I started blogging, all of my posts were serious. You can go back and read, if you want. I had a problem at first wanting to say something if it wasn't something meaningful. Boy how things change. *grin* I think they started changing with my participation in Thursday Thirteen. It helped me let loose a little, and somehow my blog morphed (ooh that's a fun word!) into what it is today. Sometimes I go back and read old posts... to get a laugh or just to see how things have changed. Whether it makes me laugh or cry, I always find it interesting. I can't help it, yo. I like reading my blog. (Is that weird?!)

Hopefully you do too. Cause if you don't, I will surely hunt you down. I have scary dogs, you know. Just don't feed them cookies. If you feed them cookies, they'll love you forever. Heck, if you just come visit them, they'll love you forever. Okay, so maybe they're not so scary. Come to think of it, what good are they anyway? One has never met a stranger, and the other one only hates the bug guy. So if you are the bug guy and you hate my blog, I'll hunt you down with my scary dog. If you're anyone else and you hate my blog... well...
I blow my nose at you!


Bethany said...

The bug guy came to our house today. I'll have to ask Brian if the cats hissed at him or not. :-D

The Rock Chick said...

You're welcome!

That's what I like about the "life bloggers"..the blogs evolve over time. I don't know about you, but I like to see all the different sides of a person in their posts!

You're always on my A-List, too!!! Hugs!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I'll have to take the test. I rarely go back and read old posts. I guess I could--I don't know what I would think.

Dustin said...

Two life bloggers in one house?

All I can say is...


Jen said...

Crystal I love reading your blogs :)

Shannon said...

Your blog makes me smile, which makes it worth reading to me!